It’s a complex |

It’s a complex

Dear Editor:Re: John Dunbar, “Republican senators question Bush on Iraq,” on Jan. 1.Since the change in Iraq policy mandated by the midterm elections was, to any reasonable observer, not that of a “surge,” but that of a draw-down of troops, why would the president interpret these elections as a mandate in the directly opposite direction? The only rational explanation for this is that such a decision is anything but rational; rather, it is colored by something wholly irrational – something that President Eisenhower branded almost a half a century earlier as “the military-industrial complex.”Everyone knows nowadays that people “have complexes.” What is unfortunately not so well-known is that complexes can have us. The negative effect of a complex is commonly experienced as a distortion in the ability to “get real” and as an impairment in the freedom to be reasonable. In place of sound judgment and an appropriate feeling response, those who are possessed by a complex react according to what the complex dictates and, to that extent, are no longer in charge of their own life, so that what becomes of them depends entirely upon chance and external influences.Is not the president’s judgment being clouded here by the same complex bundle of extravagant desires and fears of humiliation that Eisenhower once saw as one of the most dangerous threats to the future of the republic?Joel BrenceAspen


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