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On the lookout: It’s a … boy?

Anna Stonehouse
The Aspen Times
Lauren Stonehouse Huff and her husband Mike in "Baby H's" nursery in their home in Fargo, North Dakota.
Courtesy Photo

For about the past nine months I’ve been receiving pictures from my sister of random fruits and vegetables. The last one I received was romaine lettuce, 18.9 inches and 6.17 pounds. This is the current size of my nephew, or “Baby H” — according to a pregnancy app that my sister had downloaded — who will be arriving in less than a month now.

This past Christmas my sister and brother-in-law revealed the sex of the baby and low and behold, our family that had always been weighted more on the female side would be greeting a little boy this spring. My sister confessed to her husband that night that she “had no idea how to raise a boy” and through her concern he responded, “Umm, I think I know a thing or two, we’ll be OK.” Now that the initial shock of a boy joining our family has passed, we all couldn’t be more thrilled. My dad is daydreaming about taking him out fishing and my mom helped decorate the nursery in a woodland theme. I can’t wait to compete for the coolest Aunt title and teach my little nephew how to snowboard and take him out rafting when he visits.

The arrival date is approaching quickly and I think it’s sinking in for all of us that our family is about to completely change. Christmas will now reclaim an innocence and imagination that we all haven’t had since my sister and I were young children. My sister will make an incredible mom but she has become very aware that she will be responsible for another person’s life very soon and a certain level of fear is within her. My parents are realizing they’ll be receiving new titles such as Grandma and Grandpa. Her husband, Mike, seems to be keeping his cool so far but I know as soon as his son arrives he will be struck with thousands of different emotions.

My sister, Lauren, sent a photo of her swollen legs and feet during her pregnancy and I was completely taken aback at how the cankles didn’t resemble her body in the slightest! She also told me the other day that she doesn’t want her son to be a hunter, that she would rather he take up fishing instead. I replied, “Lauren, if that kid wants to play with dolls he can, just let him be him.” She laughed and agreed but I can tell the wheels are spinning with thoughts and concerns before they become parents next month.

It bothers me that I hear a grumble from a lot of people, “The world is terrible, why would you bring a child into it when there’s so much turmoil and negativity?” I disagree. I think this world needs good people to bring in a new wave or generation of good people to create change and invoke positivity and optimism. In less than a month we’ll have just that with the arrival of “Baby H.” It’s weird to love a person so much already who isn’t even here yet but I truly do. I love “Baby H” and couldn’t be more excited to welcome the newest member to our family.

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