It wasn’t me |

It wasn’t me

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Dear Editor:(This letter was originally addressed to County Commissioner Chairwoman Dorothea Farris.) Since I missed reading your letter to the editor on Monday, Aug. 2, I was only just recently informed that you had publicly denounced me in The Aspen Times. Your letter accused me of being responsible for an off-color joke that was told by someone else at last Friday’s Men’s Lunch. You demanded an apology from me for the sophomoric behavior of the group of people in attendance at the luncheon.I was merely an attendee at that lunch – exactly the same as you. I have absolutely nothing to do with the organization, programming or format of those events. I was not even planning on attending until the night before, when I was asked to facilitate the discussion because the regular facilitator felt he had a conflict of interest.My participation as the facilitator of the discussion did not even begin until after the incident you complain about had already occurred. Like you, I was in the audience. I had as much responsibility for the jokes that someone else told, under a part of the program someone else conducted, as you did. Absolutely none!I am amazed at the extraordinary stretch of your imagination that led you to think that I should be singled out to be responsible for someone else’s joke, told while I sat in the audience, and I am disheartened to see that you chose to be so vindictive about your misguided anger that you would use the public forum of the newspaper to improperly confront me without my knowledge. In so doing you have now forced me to waste my time and energy to reply.However, since you were so quick to publicly accuse me, I’m sure you will want to be just as quick to use that same energy to make a public apology for your inaccurate and inappropriate attempt to slander me.Terry HaleAspen

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