It wasn’t for sale |

It wasn’t for sale

Dear Editor:

Yesterday The Aspen Times published a headline on its cover which is not true. The “lost artwork” is not for sale at the store at 465 North Mill St. here in little old Aspen, Co. (“Lost artwork for sale,” Feb. 7). Is this a corporate owned “newspaper” or just another National Enquirer, publishing stuff like this?

I did not just “pluck” those paintings off the street outside the thrift store. I walked into our wonderful Aspen thrift store, full of the beautiful women who work there, and asked what was up with the paintings that were sitting outside. The girls inside said that a couple of them were already spoken for, by an artist who was on her way to pick them up and paint over them. Barb Hollander, whose husband Gino is one of the most talented and prolific artists in the valley, was on the phone with Gino outside the thrift store and was asking him if he wanted the paintings in order to paint over with his own art. I said that I liked the paintings and would like to save them, and hang them somewhere. Gino and Barb were kind enough to let me have them.

The awful insult to Hillary Glass, the artist who painted these works, is obvious. I saw these canvases as pieces of art and I was able to rescue two of them, they will not be painted over, and I don’t know if the other artist, who came to pick up the other paintings, has already painted over them.

The disgusting thing is what The Aspen Times turned the story into. I know Hillary Glass, the artist, she’s been into my store and seen one of her paintings up on the wall, and I told her that even though I was given the paintings, I would give her half of whatever I sold the paintings for. As soon as I heard that the paintings were stolen, I called the police and told them that I was the “unidentified man” who was given two of the paintings outside the thrift store. They told me that the officer in charge of the case would not be working until Friday. They asked me to hold the paintings until he talked to me on Friday. Until ownership of the paintings is determined, they will not be sold. They are safe here at, like all art, beauty, and light. Come on down and visit, and get your NE ON.

Andrew Scott


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