It takes all types |

It takes all types

Dear Editor:

I came across John Colson’s column for the first time in a while and realized he has yet to find his way aboard a slow boat to another, more fair, land. A magical place where there is no capitalism or opportunity to build upon one’s success.

As my eyes meandered down the first nine or 10 lines, I became increasingly impressed with the clarity and creativity in which he describes our country’s current challenges and the fact that “we are in a pickle.” His successful beginning quickly turns to frivolous descriptions of the sacrifices of the soldiers, American patriots of the Revolutionary War, whose bravery and hard work (yes, hard work!) gifted us with freedom.

His sadness that there are no true communist countries left in the world to which he can escape has left him content to stay right here in America, where he can continue to practice his right of free speech. Is this the only pillar of our great nation that he is truly fond of? Do you think our Founding Fathers would tip their “charming tri-cornered hats” to Mr. Colson’s pickled words?

What about the free speech that the tea baggers are entitled to? Can’t Donald Trump wear his hair any way he chooses? It’s the differences in all of us that are the beauty of the human race. You can’t ever eliminate the interests of the left, or the right.

There will always be extremes, and there will always be those who are on top and those who are on the bottom of any group, tribe or society. The real challenge is for citizens to coexist and work together with our individual talents and skills, not to belittle and insult the choices others make. It is also a special human attribute to help those who struggle. This is best achieved by self-initiation, not by governmental regulations and taxes.

Lest you forget, Mr. Colson, “Our remedies oft in ourselves do lie.” Shakespeare said it in “The Tempest.” Look it up.

Margaret Wilson Reckling


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