It takes all types |

It takes all types

Dear Editor:

This is in response to a wounded outcry that was in turn a response to a letter from Agustin Goba that appeared in your paper a few days ago (“Shame on Aspen Times columnist,” Nov. 10).

One responder was indignant and in a fine Victorian huff about Goba’s lapse of decorum. And in a way I agree. The Times’ columnist, Melanie Sturm, carried water for the Republicans, and their campaign was bilious with deceit, as a result of which they lost a big election. So Goba rubbed it in.

But, meh, so what? Once the responder’s undies get unbunched, she’ll know to expect aftershocks. The second writer, an opinion columnist, asked Goba to shut up if he didn’t like what he read in the paper because all opinions are equal.

Ooh, but hold on, they’re not. Some are informed, some are paid for, and some are smarmy and knee-jerk. Opinions definitely come in varieties, see? We trust some, and others are worthless fishwrap. Goba could have put forth polemics and proven his points, but instead he vented; he opined.

And you know what, Mr. Fingerman? If we learned anything from the presidential election of 2012, it’s that it’s very important to keep truth-telling even when you’re asked to shut up and sit down. Truth, as it turns out, Sheldon, isn’t left or right, so opine away, but how unprofessional of you to try to muffle a mere amateur’s voice.

Dan Sadowsky


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