It takes a village to sustain Carbondale |

It takes a village to sustain Carbondale

Dear Editor:

The process of making an informed decision requires weighing the pros and cons. The current decision that is in the hands of the Carbondale community requires us to engage in this process. We can all agree that the Village at Crystal River is not a perfect project. However, it is the best opportunity for Carbondale and for its residents.

I have heard the opposition state that Carbondale deserves better, and it does. Carbondale deserves a better grocery store, a medical facility and more retail options. Carbondale citizens deserve to have their basic needs met in this community, and to save time and money by not having to drive to Glenwood and El Jebel – all the time. Carbondale deserves an improved Highway 133, and if that means contributing and taking responsibility, then it is worth the sacrifice.

When I hear people up in arms about the 1 percent public improvement fee, I would ask them to put it into perspective. No one wants additional taxes – we can all agree on that. However, one penny to every dollar is a minimal tax, and this will jump-start additional improvements to Highway 133. It’s time for Carbondale to take responsibility for itself and to initiate improvements to the town. It is unrealistic to have a “no” attitude to any type of change in this community and to suggest a beer garden go into a very valuable parcel of commercially zoned property.

It is not realistic to ask that all energies and resources go into developing the downtown core, particularly when only around 15 percent of our town’s sales tax revenues are generated downtown, while the remaining 85 percent is generated on Highway 133. It is not realistic to claim that no one will eat or shop in our beautiful downtown restaurants and boutiques if we have the Village at Crystal River. What is important and on the table is to invest in the needs of the community and the future of Carbondale.

Vote yes!

Frank and Rosie McSwain


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