It takes a community to host Election Night |

It takes a community to host Election Night

Dear Editor:

Like all GrassRoots TV programs, Election Night on GrassRoots TV is a community production. The success of the evening was due to the contributions of volunteers, donations and participants. GrassRoots TV has a 38-year history of bringing the local election results to the citizens of the Roaring Fork Valley. We take this assignment seriously and appreciate the participation, cooperation and collaboration of so many local citizens.

A special thanks to volunteer host and anchor Brent Gardner-Smith, for not only expertly riding this bucking bronco of a TV show, but staying in the saddle with intelligence and humor. A big thanks to the volunteer crew that made the production possible: Alan Feldman, Boyd Billings, Mike Lavker, Kyle Markham, Matt Gerring, Mac Cohen, Richie Cohen, Casey O’Kane, Sam Green and Jeffrey Michael Winter.

Thank you to our sponsors, The Aspen Thrift Shop, Papa Johns Pizza and Habitat For Humanity-Restore. Thanks to our poll watchers for providing everyone with accurate early results: Jason Upper, Jim Kehoe, John Carlin, Harry Temple and Anna Haudenschild.

We are especially grateful to all of our studio guests and program participants for their honest opinions and analysis of local elections and politics. GrassRoots Community TV fulfills its mission best on nights like this, when all sides can come together, when all citizens feel free to engage in open and civil discussions in front of the entire community. This is what participatory democracy looks and sounds like. This is how TV can strengthen community.

Thank you for watching, and supporting, this 38-year-old experiment in community operated media.

John Masters

executive director, GrassRoots Community TV

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