It is about the bike |

It is about the bike

Dear Editor:I rode my bike to work today. It really was awesome. The cool morning air of the mountains, the sights, the smells, the sounds and the nice little workout were all magnificent. What puzzles me, though, is why more people don’t peddle.Many are prevented by distance and duties, I am sure. But many others are close enough and unhindered enough to be able to ride in. I live three miles from Basalt and have to ride the shoulder of the Aspen Freeway for a short distance. But then the paved bike path provides smooth, safe riding the rest of the way. I would urge those who can to take advantage of this amenity. Biking to work just one day a week can have huge financial, economic, sociopolitical, environmental and health impacts. Well, big, if not huge.The price of fuel may provide some motivation to peddle, but if you are unrestrained financially, consider the added cost of the young lives being sacrificed to ensure that our fat-assed luxuries can be maintained. That will surely raise the pump price far above the ridiculous level it has attained thus far. Do you want to hold the line on gas prices and help stop the war? Peddle more. Bikes get way better mileage than any vehicle.Then, there’s the environmental benefit. Whether you think we are contributing to global warming or not, spewing tons of pollutants into the atmosphere can’t be very good for us. The increasing incidents of lung cancer, asthma, allergies and various other respiratory ailments aren’t all occurring just because of smoking; especially when they show up in children.The fossil fuels you bum are killing you and me and birds and plants and lots of other living things. It is becoming increasingly clear that what you do individually affects the entire globe. Other than when they are manufactured, bikes produce very little pollution.Remember “The Power of One.” Wouldn’t it be cool to need traffic lights at bike path intersections?I rode my bike to work today … and it was bitchin’!Bill Breitenbach, D.C.Basalt

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