It happens all the time

Dear Editor:”I’m upset that in this country someone can be beaten and kicked and stepped on, and they only get a minor charge,” Weinglass said (“Duo faces assault charges,” July 13).Boogie Weinglass is “upset” that folks of color can be “beaten and kicked and stepped on” in the U.S.A. and that the perpetrators can walk with only a minor charge? In what country has Boogie been living – does he think that Rodney King was arrested by the LAPD for impersonating a piñata? Brown skinned people getting beaten and lynched and stepped on by the white folk is a cottage industry in Colorado as well as in the rest of the good old land of the free. But what can one expect in a country where Present Bush gives speeches to the student body of Bob Jones University; a Christianist odium farm … and where the infamous race baiter, Karl Rove, has made hate mongering an art form.Patrick HasburghPanorama, B.C., Canada