It doesn’t take $$$ to help out |

It doesn’t take $$$ to help out

Dear Editor:You don’t have to donate millions in order to make a deep and lasting contribution to our community. In fact, by pooling our resources together, every individual in the Roaring Fork Valley can contribute in a meaningful way towards fostering the compassion, solidarity and vitality that makes our community a place that we are proud to call home.The Neighbor to Neighbor campaign is a giving program that supports health and human services non-profit organizations in the Roaring Fork Valley. It is a payroll deduction program in which you can choose to donate a set amount of your income per pay period. There is also the option to make a one-time, direct contribution. This gift is then matched by the Aspen Valley Medical Foundation and will go directly to benefit local nonprofit health and human services organizations. These organizations are on the front-line of providing compassionate care to those in need, and include agencies that assist youth, seniors, cancer patients, domestic violence victims, the homeless, and many, many more. For a complete list of agencies supported by Neighbor to Neighbor, visit we can’t all afford to give million-dollar gifts, every one of us has the opportunity to give a portion of our earnings to ensure that our community continues to be one where our citizens care about one another. Please take a few brief moments to Give Hope to those in need. Sign-up online now by visiting or call me at 544-1241.Thanks in advance for your willingness to demonstrate you care about your community.Ashley Anne HarderCommunity outreach managerAspen Valley Medical Foundation

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