Israeli aid a waste |

Israeli aid a waste

Dear Editor:I disagree with David Kudish’s July 29 letter that the approximately $3 billion ($2.56 billion plus interest for 2005) annual aid the U.S. gives Israel is a bargain and invaluable. I do agree that the majority of it filters back to U.S. corporations, largely defense contractors. This is corporate welfare.Israel has about .001 percent of the world population and is the largest recepient of U.S. foreign aid (approximately 30 percent).He alludes to the value of information provided to the U. S. on Soviet Union weapons during the Cold War, technology and techniques for fighting terrorists. They do not seem of value to me unless one considers bulldozing Iraqi homes an important technique. (I have seen a video of this.) The Soviet Union fell, in my opinion, because of its failed economy, aggression, corruption, over spending on the military, the advent of communication technology, etc. Many years ago, when I traveled the NYC subways to high school and college, I felt safe. Now I have to be concerned. Twenty years ago I felt safe in London – now it is difficult. So aid to Israel, as well as the U.S. military presence in 117 countries on over 700 bases around the world has made the world less safe.Our aid hinders the Israel and Palestine people from developing solutions for living together. Instead, politicians strategize on how to get more money like the additional $2.2 billion Israel has requested for relocating 8,000-9,000 Gaza settlers. An Iraqi politician recently said that “during the past two years, people could make money {in Iraq} … on a scale that would astonish a Columbian drug lord.”Whether in Palestine, Africa or Iraq, occupation breeds resistance. History just keeps repeating itself rather than taking new approaches.Cathleen KraheCarbondale

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