Israel living in the past |

Israel living in the past

Dear Editor:

You printed two letters on July 30, 2011 as to why the Arabs called Palestinians should not have a country. Both letters use history as a reason to ban a Palestinian state. Well, based on that logic no country should exist – especially America.

How stupid. Again, on this logic, Israel should make the Palestinians their citizens, with equal rights. That won’t happen. Equal rights have no place in Israel as there is no constitution. Ask the Arab Israeli citizens since 1948. Equal rights – it’s a joke.

How long can Israel perpetuate the myth that the there is no one to negotiate with. If you only listen to the present right-wing government of Israel, then you’ll be frozen in time. Tune in to the many, many peace groups such as,,, and the list goes on.

If you’re going to live in the past you will repeat the past. What a horrible future that will be.

The urgent answer, as all recent American presidents have supported, is the “Two State Solution” with security as defined by Israel.

Richard Goodwin

Snowmass Village

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