Israel is a rogue state |

Israel is a rogue state

Dear Editor:

Israel, in my opinion, is a rogue state and should be referred to as such.

We’ve all seen the pictures of armed Israeli commandos rappelling from a military helicopter onto the deck of a peaceful civilian ship carrying aid to Gaza and the battle that ensued. This was in international waters; Israel had no right to do more than to hail the shop and ask it to deliver its humanitarian aid supplies to an Israeli port, where Israeli forces could receive it and deliver it to the Palestinians in Gaza, or not. Could this be considered an act of piracy?

It is a rogue state because of its arrogant way of choosing which U.N. Security Council resolutions, which international laws, which rules of war, which of the Geneva Conventions, which U.S. requests, and even how much human respect and empathy it will show toward its enemies.

Israel is holding more than a million Palestinians in an actual – not a virtual – prison. Israel denies access to Gaza to journalists so it is impossible to know the extent of the suffering inside the prison. Israel limits the amount of food and medical supplies and allows no rebuilding materials to enter Gaza.

What will a rationing of food, a different schooling, plus an overly generous supply of resentment do to the minds and hearts of the children of Gaza?

Meantime, life goes on in the West Bank … midnight house searches, long waits at Israeli checkpoints, paved roads for Israelis and dirt byways for Palestinians, etc.

Yes, Palestinians would love to see the Israelis pushed into the seas. Yes, Hamas refuses to recognize the Israeli state’s right to exist. And Israel holds Gaza in prison and is taking over the West Bank and Jerusalem and making it impossible for a Palestinian state to exist.

So much of what Israel does is illegal and inhumane. I say it is a rogue state.

Peter Larrowe

El Jebel

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