Israel a greater threat than Iran |

Israel a greater threat than Iran

Dear Editor:

In Mr. Lauder’s April 22 ad, “An Open Letter to President Obama,” he presents an idealized view of Israel as a good democratic state and Iran as “the biggest threat to the world today.” The facts are quite opposite as Israel separates and oppresses its non-Jewish citizens with some 30 laws that discriminate between Jews and the 20 percent Arab population.

Palestinian Arabs have had their land taken from them, such that 93 percent of Israel’s land is nationalized and held for the world’s Jews. Arabs and Jews mostly live in separate neighborhoods and go to separate schools. Arabs can vote but can work in few jobs and can do little to effect any political change. Since Israel’s creation in 1948 on 77 percent of Palestine, it has been involved in 12 wars/military campaigns.

Iran has not occupied or preemptively attacked another country in more than 60 years, while Israel has attacked Egypt in 1967, Iraq 1981, Lebanon 2006, Syria 2007, Gaza 2009-10, etc. Israel has occupied Lebanon for 18 years, West Bank, E. Jerusalem and the Golan Heights for 42 years, etc. While Iran, Israel and Israel’s strong ally, the U.S., support groups classified as terrorists, Israel is significantly stronger than Iran. Israel gets about $3 billion a year in military aid from the U.S. Iran gets zero aid and has no strong allies.

Israel has an estimated 200 to 300 nuclear weapons, the United States 5,113, and Iran zero. Israel has not signed the Nuclear Proliferation Treaty; Iran has signed it. The U.N. Nuclear Agency inspects Iran, and it does not inspect Israel. That Iran is a threat to Israel is media propaganda.

Regarding settlement building being an “insult,” that should not be the issue; settlement building (Jewish-only housing on occupied Palestinian land) is a violation of international law – the 4th Geneva Conventions. Israel has built thousands of settlement houses on occupied land housing more than 400,000 Jews. The world should be outraged over Israel’s violation of international law and the stealing of Palestinian homes and land.

It is unfair to blame the Palestinians for holding up peace talks until Israel stops breaking international law by building settler housing. In 2002, neighboring Arab countries presented a comprehensive peace package which Israel rejected.

As an Israeli Jew wrote, “excepting war zones as Afghanistan, Israel is the least safe place in the world for Jews. Nowhere else have so many Jews been killed since WWII.” It is sad that The Aspen Times printed an ad with so many false statements. The ad contradicts what Gen. Petraeus and Israel Defense Minister Barak have said.

Cathleen Krahe



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