Is this a democracy? |

Is this a democracy?

Has anyone noticed that mass transit in the form of trains and trolleys are springing up all over the country? (Europe and elsewhere has been providing this for eons.)

Why is Aspen so backward and resistant to a trend in motion? Why is this trend in motion? Can we put six billion people in six billion cars? I’m told each trolley holds 25 to 50 (tightly packed) individuals that would not be in 25 to 50 cars in downtown Aspen.

Personally, I don’t like breathing the car fumes. Personally, I would like an alternative to the big bus and that ugly truck. Personally, I would like to park my car in the underground and hop aboard for uptown on something fun, appealing and practical.

Ask the council to keep the trolleys for a citizen vote. After all, this is a democracy? Or is it?

Mary Gauba


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