Is there something in the water at Basalt Middle School? |

Is there something in the water at Basalt Middle School?

Aspen Times Staff

Hearts beat considerably faster Wednesday after reports that a fourth-grade class at Basalt Middle School was vomiting and one student was nearly unconscious.It turned out it was only four students, but the Basalt Fire Department wasn’t taking any chances. Four emergency vehicles, including two fire trucks, responded to the call around 2:30 p.m. The Aspen and Carbondale firefighters were on alert to cover the midvalley as Basalt firefighters descended on the school.It wasn’t clear what made the students sick, Fire Chief Scott Thompson said. It wasn’t because of carbon monoxide or any other potentially toxic gas, he said. And no student ever approached unconsciousness.The students were being treated in the office of the school. Firefighters planned to disinfect the area of the school where the kids became ill. Soiled clothing, trash cans and food were placed in hazardous-materials bags.Thompson said the water and air at Basalt Middle School would be tested.

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