Is there one good reason? |

Is there one good reason?

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Dear Editor:I guess it’s time to start thinking about the proposed visitor center again. I live in Snowmass Village, so I’m not an Aspen resident, but I work in Aspen and the company I work for is a member of the Aspen Chamber Resort Association. Therefore, I think that qualifies me to be concerned about this new visitor center that the city wants to put at Galena and Main. Things have been fairly quiet lately and this is probably because the issue is in the hands of the City Council now. On Monday, July 12, the City Council has the option to rescind putting the visitor center at this busy intersection location, but if they don’t, then the visitor center proposed for Galena and Main will definitely be going to a vote on the November ballot. Gift or no gift from Mr. Meyer, it doesn’t take much to figure out that Galena and Main is a disaster area.It’s not a pretty sight between 9 a.m. and 5 p.m. I cringe at the thought of adding fuel to the fire with visitors trying to maneuver their way in and out and tying up traffic even more. To even think about the added parking problems and congestion is inconceivable to me, and from the talk in town, my opinion seems to be one of the majority. I am hoping that the city officials we have elected are listening to what the people who voted them into office have been saying from the beginning: A visitor center at the corner of Galena and Main is a really bad idea. I absolutely support a visitor center in Aspen, but maybe we would be better off just improving the one we have or move it to the outskirts of town since we have two visitor center locations in the middle of town already. I can tell you a number of great reasons why not to put the visitor center at Galena and Main, but I’ve yet to hear one good reason for putting a new visitor center at Galena and Main. And, by the way, I have read the ACRA’s fact sheet and I still don’t support this location. In fact, it made me question the close ties and seemingly inappropriate relationship between ACRA and the City of Aspen. Anna Lexeus SmithSnowmass VillageSnowmass Village

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