Is the blood spilled worth it? |

Is the blood spilled worth it?

Dear Editor:My deepest sympathies to Cynthia Bartosh and her family for the loss of her nephew who was killed fighting in the war in Iraq (Aspen Times letters, Dec. 14).Losing this country’s brave and magnificent warriors is an indescribable tragedy and I can’t imagine the hole in the heart that such a sacrifice must leave. When I wrote that those who voted for Bush have the blood of the Iraqi dead as well as the blood of our fighting men and women on their hands, I was trying to make the point that our votes really matter; that they have impact. A slim majority of this nation has given their tacit approval to George Bush and Donald Rumsfeld to continue the war in Iraq without apparent plan or conscience. Bush pulled no punches during his campaign. He was very clear that he would continue his “war on terror” as he, and he alone, sees fit, despite international and domestic outrage. It is now also very clear (though for many this was clear from the onset) that the war in Iraq will continue to be a tragic and deadly mistake; Saddam was never a threat, there are no weapons of mass destruction; the possibility of real democracy in Iraq is a myth. We were duped. But rather than admit that we were duped, most us of chose to re-elect Bush, as if re-electing Bush would somehow turn all of his dissembling spin and military ineptness into the hard goods of great leadership and diplomatic pragmatism. Every person who pulled the lever for Bush knew in their hearts that Bush would push on with his Iraqi war on terror. Those voters knew that if Bush won, more young men and women would certainly die in Iraq as a result of their vote. I hope they believe the blood being spilled is worth it because it is on their hands and the hands of this president. That’s how democracy works.Ms. Bartosh wrote that her nephew voted for Bush; we must honor such a brave young man who walked his talk and went to the other side of the world to fight for his country. This young man followed the orders of his president and did his duty. When Bush had his chance to serve this country during war time, he went home early – of this there is no debate. I’m sure the Bush twins voted for their dad. I wonder when they’ll enlist.Patrick HasburghAspen