Is that leadership? |

Is that leadership?

Dear Editor:It strikes me that the Bush administration’s proclaimed strategy of fighting the terrorists in Iraq so we don’t have to fight them here at home is like keeping bears out of your garbage by throwing it into your neighbor’s back yard. It works, but is it really the right and honorable thing to do? Does it solve the real problem?The Bush administration is now using the presence and activities of Abu Musab al-Zarqawi, an affiliate of Bin Laden productions, to justify the fact that the United States is fighting a war in Iraq. Analogously to the situation with trash and bears, one can argue that if we hadn’t thrown our Neocon trash into Iraq, al-Qaeda wouldn’t be there at all (never was before), and we could have spent our billions of dollars pursuing Bin Laden wherever his trail led us. We also wouldn’t have killed more than a thousand U.S. soldiers, and thousands of innocent Iraqis, in a cowardly and irresponsible attempt to protect ourselves by luring our enemies to someone else’s home.Where is the toughness and leadership in that, Mr. Bush? Stan GibbsAspen

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