Is Race for the Cure interested? |

Is Race for the Cure interested?

Dear Editor:

So, I learned at the MD Anderson lecture yesterday (July 14) that they have lots of time and tons of money to study frog venom from China in the hopes that it will cure cancer.

While doctors in Shanghai have spent the last eight years curing thousands of women of breast cancer using ultrasound, High (up to 100 degrees Celsius) Intensified Focused Ultrasound. Find trial data on PubMed, or go to The British Journal of Cancer and search “HIFU + breast cancer.” But MD Anderson isn’t interested in researching this cheap, easy cure against breast cancer.

No, MD Anderson is busy researching radio waves which when used in conjunction with injected expensive gold nano-particles causes heat of 60 degrees Celsius to destroy the cancer.

Is Race For The Cure funding ultrasound (HIFU) research either? No.

I know, first hand, that HIFU works against prostate cancer, but we had to go to Mexico for the treatment.

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Donna Thompson


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