Is Crowley really a danger? |

Is Crowley really a danger?

Dear Editor:

There’s something about the termination of Jim Crowley that doesn’t smell quite right. Bill Linn, the assistant police chief, was quoted as saying, “It’s my belief this was not the result of an intentional act. I don’t think this was him cracking open a beer before going to work.”

So did Jim get instantly fired for coming to work with a hangover? Sure, that’s not such a good idea to come to work like that. But did he really cause such a danger to the public to be let go in this fashion?

Doesn’t the Aspen Police Department have some sort of civilized procedure for either counseling, correction, reprimand or temporary suspension for an apparently harmless mistake by a longtime, effective employee? Was it followed? Is there something else going on here? Just askin’.

Weems Westfeldt


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