Irvine to seek House District 61 seat |

Irvine to seek House District 61 seat

Andre Salvail
The Aspen Times

Debra Irvine, who ran second to state Rep. Millie Hamner in the 2012 general election for House District 61, announced Wednesday that she again will try to win the seat this fall.

District 61 includes Pitkin, Lake and Summit counties and parts of Delta and Gunnison counties. Irvine is a Breckenridge Republican. Hamner, of Dillon, is a Democrat. The election will be held Nov. 4.

Irvine said in a statement that she respects the needs of the counties and would like to help the counties “prosper, prepare and protect.”

“We can prosper by reducing regulations, restrictions and taxes. Economic growth is encouraged by entrepreneurship, and small business is a vital part of our economy. We can keep energy costs down by pursuing fiscally sound energy policy while protecting our fossil-fuel industry. By reducing the role and size of government, self-reliance and a healthy economy are promoted,” she said in the statement.

“Quality education is key to helping our children prepare for their future, and funding should be fair to the taxpayer and school districts,” Irvine added. “Parents should be given choices and a voice. Vocational and technical education are also essential for a needed skilled workforce, and we should challenge our children.”

Irvine said that if elected, she will focus her attention on constituents and not pressure from outside influences.

“We have seen a great deal of financial influence coming to Colorado. Amendment 66 (a 2013 education referendum) and recent gun-control bills saw millions of dollars of support from outside our state. If we want to see fairness come back to the citizens of House District 61 and Colorado, we have to work together to stop this trend.”

In the five-person race for the seat in November 2012, Hamner took 47 percent of the votes cast, while Irvine garnered 34 percent. Irvine bested the field in the Delta County section of the district.

House members in the Colorado General Assembly serve two-year terms.


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