IRS is the savior |

IRS is the savior

(This letter was originally addressed to Eloise Ilgen.)

You are SO right. I love communism too! I mean, how many times has it been proven over and over again that we Americans don’t know how to spend our own money?

Why try to figure out how to take care of ourselves when the IRS can take care of us? Thank god for the IRS. They never lose or misspend a penny of my hard-earned money.

You are so right to give them 100 percent control of all tax revenue, Eloise! Our silly local ELECTED officials could never figure what to do with all that money.

And gee, how cool would it be if they could just take a match to the Constitution, and flush that whole evil capitalism thing down the toilet?

Wow, think how great our “family” would be if no one felt like working anymore! We could just play ALL THE TIME! Talk about a bonding experience for the entire country. I mean, all that bothersome off-shore drilling and logging and stuff is kinda hard. We’ll just let the IRS do it. They’ve done such a good job accounting for our money, I bet they’d be good at creating it for us too!

And maybe the whole country could call the IRS Big Brother, just like one big happy family!

Thanks, Eloise, you really brightened up my whole day.

Michelle Montany


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