Irreversible experiment |

Irreversible experiment

Dear Editor:

When I watched a rerun of the most recent presentation to the City Council of the Lift One Lodge proposal, I was struck once again by its lack of perspective.

Let us be clear. At the present time something like 3 percent of people who ski on Aspen Mountain use this lift. If the flux of people were to triple, that would make 9 percent.

Moreover, skiing, if global warming does not do it in, occurs for less than five months out of the year. The only kind of lower lift that is possible there is a “platter lift” that has, unlike the gondola, no utility whatsoever for the other months. It just sits there. In fact, nothing that has been proposed seems to have much utility for the other months. Does anyone seriously think that visitors are going to drag themselves up the hill to a brat restaurant in the summer when the mall is available?

In physics when an experiment that does not work happens, one just tears down the apparatus and starts over. This experiment is irreversible and will destroy the open character of this side of the mountain forever.

Jeremy Bernstein


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