Irresponsible reporting |

Irresponsible reporting

Dear Editor:I was disheartened and angered by the misinformation in the article “Ross Montessori makes the grade in Carbondale” (Aspen Times, March 22). The assumption throughout the article that Carbondale’s public schools do not qualify as “good education” is very irresponsible reporting. This assumption is one made by many Ross Montessori parents who have virtually no experience of the non-Montessori public school program. I would expect a reporter to investigate this assumption rather than accepting this narrow perspective as truth.If you talk to parents who have children in the public schools, you will hear about awesome teachers, exciting programs and thriving kids. The tendency to bash the public schools (without really knowing anything about them) is rampant in our community. I would hope that news reporters would seek out some facts before jumping on this bandwagon.Debbie BruellCarbondale

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