Irreplaceable treasures |

Irreplaceable treasures

Of course there is “No shortage of takers for trolley cars” (Aspen Times, March 28). These are irreplaceable treasures.

A number of other communities in the far reaches of the world would love to have them, and are willing to pay to transport them over great distances, knowing their value. We already have them right here!

It costs the city of Aspen nothing to continue to keep them. Why is this City Council hell-bent on giving them away?

Not only are they charming antiques (a major tourist attraction in places like San Francisco) but, restored and put into service, they could provide a non-polluting transportation option within the city. What’s so bad about that?

Keeping the trolley cars keeps our options open. And, contrary to City Council naysayers, there is no need for an expensive special election to give citizens the chance to keep what is already ours. The issue can be tagged onto an existing, scheduled election as early as this August.

It would cost nothing to give voters the chance to vote to keep our transportation options open, to cast a vote for a more environmental approach to our traffic problems, and to keep some charming assets that we already own instead of foolishly giving them away to another, more far-sighted community.

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