Ireland’s painful regime |

Ireland’s painful regime

Dear Editor:

Responding to comments by Ruth Kruger announcing her candidacy, Mayor Ireland predictably sets up a straw man “government should be run more like a business” (emphasis added) and twists it to mean that government should be run as a business. The purpose of course was to allow him to slip into his comfort zone of community values, mission and vision while ignoring an abysmal history of governance over the last four years. He is not entitled to a pass on this issue for at least two reasons.

First, consider the record. Properly construed, Ruth Kruger noted that apart from the ultimate substantive decision on various issues, the decision making process, i.e., the road taken has not worked. While she points to the latest example, the process leading to the Wheeler lease, let’s not forget other contortions by council, such as, historic development and ill conceived Ordinance 30 (an emergency), totally rejecting an overwhelmingly supported recommendation on Lift 1A development (was the panel vote 22-1 or close to that), nano-management (recall the debate about the tiles on the floor of the Jerome). The list goes on and on.

Second, the motive cannot be ignored. The record of glacial movement, imperceptible advance followed by retreat, during the Ireland years is not a result of inexperience or over zealousness. Rather, it is a calculated means for stopping growth on the assumption that time is on his side. Procedural non-action has substantive effect, that is, “leadership” by holding up as much as possible so that nothing can be pinned on the Mayor as evidencing change.

Ruth Kruger’s point is that while we may not like the result, let’s at least get to a decision with efficiency and dispatch – i.e., like a business, recognizing that time cannot be squandered, the clock is always running. She is right, what we have witnessed for the last four years has been more painful than a root canal without Novocain. More painful, I submit because at the end of the procedure nothing has been accomplished and the abscess remains.

We can do better, now is the time for a change on top.

Neil B. Siegel


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