Ireland his own worst enemy |

Ireland his own worst enemy

Dear Editor:

In regards to Carolyn Sackariason’s article on July 26, Ms. Sackariason’s statement that Mayor M. Ireland predicted a political action committee would “take shape” is incorrect. Mayor Ireland, in his landmark meltdown, accused Marilyn Marks of being part of an illegal political action group. Mr. Ireland was challenged on that accusation by me on June 22 in a letter to the Aspen Daily News.

Since then, Mr. Ireland has not brought forward any proof on that accusation. Mr. Ireland feels that it is okay to lie about someone and not be held accountable for his actions.

Yes, there is a new issue committee being formed, under the Colorado Article XXVII, section 2 (10). The name has not yet been determined, but this committee is being formed because of the action of City Council to place the Burlingame bond issue in the next election. The committee’s purpose is to delay or defeat the bond issue, nothing more. This committee does not oppose affordable housing, it only opposes how the city wants to complete it.

As far as former Mayor Helen Klanderud’s comments in this article, what facts were presented to the public at large? Several requests made to the city for information regarding the Burlingame project have gone unanswered. The city of Aspen operates like the Kremlin. Ms. Klanderud’s suggestion that the committee is a tool to unseat three current City Council members is political folly. I believe that Ms. Klanderud is only trying to demonize anyone who will run against the City Council incumbents in the May 2009 election. I will not speak to Jack Johnson or J.E. DeVilbiss, but using a political action committee to unseat Mayor Ireland is pointless. The man is his own worst enemy ” no committee is needed. The use of the mayor’s office as Mr. Ireland’s bully pulpit is enough for most logical thinking people to not re-elect this man.

James H. Perry


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