Ireland and Skadron: true Aspen locals |

Ireland and Skadron: true Aspen locals

Dear Editor:

After having them as friends for many years, I’m offering the Top Eleven reasons to vote for Mick Ireland and Steve Skadron for Aspen City Council.

1. Mick and Steve have gained invaluable experience as councilmen. They know the land-use code and AACP like the back of their hands and really know when someone is trying to pull the wool over their eyes, especially hot and bothersome in the summertime!

2. Mick and Steve support new events, including athletic events, which bring in increased tourism revenues, opportunities for locals and that support the Aspen Idea – the nurturing of Mind, Body, and Spirit.

3. Mick and Steve have been strong supporters of affordable housing throughout the years. They say “Game on!” when it comes to proceeding with Burlingame, our most substantial affording housing opportunity and key to reaching our community’s (AACP) goal of housing 60 percent of our workforce.

4. Mick and Steve understand the Aspen Area Community Plan is about preserving Aspen’s very unique and special nature as a community and that Aspen is not just a commodity. They’re about pushing the envelope athletically, but not pushing the envelope on every property and skyline!

5. Mick and Steve support development and growth that are appropriate for our beautiful, historic neighborhoods and that enhance our town. Why have skyscrapers block our awesome mountains that already touch the skies?

6. Mick and Steve are long-time locals who have worked many entry-level jobs and have held several jobs at the same time – true locals. They can relate to working locals and our needs because they are working stiffs themselves. They will continue to work hard for us working locals!

7. Mick and Steve see the potential of Aspen as an environmental leader. Car sharing and bike sharing are super-cool, cutting edge programs. But Mick doesn’t want to share his road bike any more. Please don’t steal it again! BTW, I hope they don’t ban the single-use letter to the editor.

8. Mick and Steve walk, run and ride bikes to get around town and live in smaller, efficient apartments. Their transportation and housing carbon footprint is the size of a marmot’s.

9. Mick and Steve are involved in local volunteerism, whether it’s serving meals at St. Mary’s St. Patrick’s Day or maintaining trails with Roaring Fork Outdoor Volunteers. They reach out and give their free time to the community and realize it’s when you give back that you receive. What a crazy concept!

10. Mick and Steve have earned the opportunity to serve one more term. They would like to see the Aspen Area Community Plan completed before the next 10-year plan needs to begin!

11. Mick and Steve are into positive campaigning that aligns with our community’s values. Aspen has always supported positivity, not big city negative mudslinging politics. The only mudslinging that’s cool here is the mud flying off our hiking boots during mud season!

Erik Skarvan



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