Iraqis suffering more than ever |

Iraqis suffering more than ever

Sue Gray

It saddens me that some Americans believe the Iraqi people are enjoying freedom and safety because of the U.S. removal of Saddam Hussein. In fact, they are no better off under U.S. occupation than they were under Hussein’s leadership, and in some ways, they are suffering even more.

I have a dear friend in Iraq, who tells me of seeing bombs go off in her neighborhood and dead and bloodied Iraqis in front of the children’s school. Almost a year after the invasion there is still very little electrical power, no clean water, no phone service, and no jobs.

Because of this, she says the U.S. occupation is worse than Saddam’s rule. At least under Hussein’s leadership, the streets were safe for women and children, the power was running and she was employed.

It also saddens me to read letters praising the success of the war because it has produced only a little more than 500 casualties, as if only American lives matter. Tens of thousands of innocent Iraqi lives have been lost, or forever altered by injury and trauma.

For every U.S. military operation proclaiming the successful roundup of suspected Iraqi insurgents, there are hundreds of families and children who were terrorized by U.S. special forces breaking and entering their home and taking away their husbands, fathers, brothers and sons. This is not freedom and safety, it’s brutality.

The U.S. occupation of Iraq has proved to be a far worse act of terrorism than 9/11 and I’m ashamed of America for our willful destruction of so many human lives.