Investment in our future |

Investment in our future

Dear Editor:My sons attended and graduated from Basalt schools; I do not have children in the district any longer. Both of my sons benefited greatly from their experience and education in Basalt: One is in California pursuing a career in graphic design; one is at CU-Boulder in the environmental engineering program. Our son in California was recently asked to speak at an alumni gathering celebrating 80 years of graphic design at his university – we attended and were overwhelmed by the success he has attained in his field. Our other son is doing well and expects to pursue a career in engineering after graduation. I believe this is because of the opportunities that were available to them during their time in school, and not necessarily anything to do with their parents. Most letters submitted in support of 3E have referenced children currently in school and the importance of a quality education. I am here to tell you that the success all of our valley’s children are achieving post-graduation are a direct outcome of growing up around here and being exposed to all that the valley has to offer. Keep in mind the future opportunities a good education and a supportive community bring to our future generations and vote for 3E.Rick StevensBasalt

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