Investigation into break-in at Carl’s yields two more arrests |

Investigation into break-in at Carl’s yields two more arrests

Naomi Havlen
Aspen Times Staff Writer

Police investigating last year’s burglary of Carl’s Pharmacy have made two additional arrests in South Carolina.

Christopher Shane Miller, 25, and Amy Michelle Adams, 24, are charged with conspiracy to commit burglary of a controlled substance, conspiracy to commit theft and conspiracy to commit tampering with physical evidence.

James Kirk Herlong, 24, had already been arrested. He is charged with breaking in to Carl’s and stealing drugs and cash. Herlong allegedly told police that Miller and Adams carried out the crime.

He said after the break-in, the group returned to their homes in South Carolina. Adams then told Herlong that Miller was telling “people” that Herlong was the person who burglarized Carl’s, according to police statements.

A pharmacist at Carl’s told police that about $2,000 in pills including Valium and lithium were stolen, as was $986 in cash. Police said the street value of the drugs is somewhere between $10 and $20 per pill.

According to the arrest warrants for the two suspects, Herlong told police that Miller and Adams traveled to Denver in the months before the break-in and purchased “matching 9mm handguns, rope and a grappling hook” to enter the pharmacy through the store’s skylight.

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Miller allegedly told police Herlong broke into the pharmacy by himself. But Herlong, according to police, said it was Miller and Adams who returned to the group’s shared apartment at 6:30 a.m. on April 29 and dumped bottles of pills on the floor from a bag.

Herlong told police he remembered Miller saying “we’re rich” as he dumped the pills onto the floor of the apartment. He said all three of them drove to Ruedi Reservoir and threw some of the pill bottles into the water. They then burned some of the bottles by the side of Frying Pan Road “so they would not be arrested for the burglary at Carl’s Pharmacy,” the warrant reads.

The warrant also says Herlong told police the group stayed one night in Denver and then one night in Grand Junction to avoid being arrested. They then stayed at their apartment in Aspen for one night before returning to South Carolina.

According to the warrant for Herlong’s arrest, a confidential informant told police he had met the trio in a hotel room in Myrtle Beach around Easter of 2001, and that Miller tried to sell him some of the stolen pills, claiming that Herlong had broken into the pharmacy.

In a subsequent warrant, Herlong allegedly told police they did meet with “a friend of Miller’s in an attempt to sell the pills.” Herlong also allegedly told Aspen Police Detective Jim Crowley that he did not do anything in an attempt to stop the burglary from happening at Carl’s Pharmacy.

Miller and Adams are being held in the Saluda County Jail in South Carolina on $50,000 bond each.

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