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Investigate the options

Aspen Times writer

Dear Editor:

It was with disappointment that I read about the cancellation of Russ Criswell’s game in the park. My understanding is that the purpose of the game, rather than to ridicule anyone, was to involve the community in a process of envisioning the kind of growth and development that would be in line with our values; to map out alternatives to the usual boring, destructive style of commerce which has dominated our country for decades.

Are the proponents of Crystal River Marketplace so threatened that they cannot bear the exploration of new ideas regarding our future in our town?

My wish for us all is that we might investigate the options by every means available to us, and provide creative, sustainable solutions to the issue of a better business climate in Carbondale. Perhaps those with private agendas might stand aside and trust in this process – isn’t that what our constitutional rights are about?

Caroline Metzler



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