Invest in the future

Dear Editor:As a senior who lives in and has long supported affordable housing, I was appalled to read about Candidate Semrau’s reckless proposal to raid the housing fund.I believe our housing tax dollars should be creating new housing opportunities for the many working families and individuals that our schools, hospital and business community will need in coming years.Tim’s proposal to use up the housing fund with giveaways after the fact doesn’t make sense. What about buying land now for future needs? What about creating new units for the hundreds and hundreds of lottery losers each year, both first-time buyers and those needing to move up or down in unit size? What about selling units at lower prices initially, so that buyers keep their money in their pockets to begin with?As a community, we only get to spend this money once. It should be invested in hard assets: land, new units, lower sales prices and major capital repairs for older projects. These would be investments in our current and future community and benefit the entire town.Vitashka KirshenAspen