Invest in our future |

Invest in our future

As a Pitkin County property owner and member of the Family Visitor Program’s board of directors, I urge you to vote yes in November on Referendum 1A, to establish a stable fund for health and human services for the residents of Pitkin County.

The Family Visitor Program is only one of the many nonprofit agencies serving Pitkin County families. Each year, the program provides support and education to over 500 pregnant and new parent families.

In past years, Pitkin County funding has provided less than 10 percent of the Family Visitor Program’s total budget, but the county’s financial commitment has been critical in helping the program obtain the other 90 percent of needed funding.

This year our agency, like so many others, is facing over $75,000 of funding cutbacks due to state budget deficits. The economic downturn has resulted in cuts in foundation grant funding and reduced levels of private donations. The agency has been forced to cut personnel and reduce some services.

In the past 10 years the number of births has increased 18 percent in Pitkin County. Many of the families we serve are first-time parents lacking a support system. Each and every one of these parents wants to raise a healthy, happy child. Our agency provides them with the help they need to get started.

Please consider your yes vote on Referendum 1A as an investment in our community’s future ? its children.

Chris Samuelson

Family Visitor Program

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