Intrawest planning Basement Village in Snowmass |

Intrawest planning Basement Village in Snowmass

Brent Gardner-Smith
Aspen Times Staff Writer

If there is one thing that Base Village is going to have, it’s a big basement.

The core of the proposed ski-in, ski-out village at the base of the Snowmass Ski Area will be built over a three-story underground parking garage with room for 529 cars.

“It’s a big garage,” said Paul Shepherd, the Intrawest vice president managing the Snowmass project. He estimated it to be at least 100,000 square feet.

And it’s expensive. Shepherd estimated the cost at $25,000 a parking space, which pencils out to $13.2 million for the structure.

Of the 530 spaces in the garage, 200 will be for day skiers, 230 will be for lodging guests, and about 100 spaces will be for short-term parking and other uses. There is currently no employee parking planned for the Base Village area.

And the main garage is not the only underground parking garage. Five other major buildings serving as residential condo hotels also have their own parking garages.

In all, there are 980 underground parking spaces proposed for Base Village. Today, the 15-acre Base Village site at the bottom of Fanny Hill is little more than a series of parking lots, with room for about 750 cars used by day skiers and employees.

The main entrance to the proposed three-story garage will be about where the Snowmass Ski Area sign is today, below Lot A and across Brush Creek Road from the Conoco station.

The garage will help provide a flat foundation for the village’s central plaza, which will be built at the same height as the lower terminal of the existing Fanny Hill lift.

“You build this garage first, which is like a box, and you build your village on top,” Shepherd said.

The entrance to the garage will be to the left of a six-story reception building that, along with two other buildings, frames the Brush Creek edge of the new village.

When drivers turn left off of Brush Creek Road toward the new village, they will go over a new bridge directly toward the reception building.

“You are going to see buildings, not a wall, and we want the eye to focus on the arrival center,” said Shepherd.

In drawings submitted to the town, the reception center has water flowing underneath it into a pond, a deck overlooking the pond, and a wood and stone building with big windows rising above both.

Once inside the garage, drivers will go up two levels to reach the 200 day-skier parking spaces, which are one level below the village plaza. Skiers would then use elevators to reach the village plaza.

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