Intrawest hoping young men, and women, will go Westin |

Intrawest hoping young men, and women, will go Westin

Steve Benson
Aspen Times Staff Writer

Snowmass Village may be the future home of a Westin Hotel, given Base Village is approved by the town.

Officials of Intrawest, which is partners with the Aspen Skiing Co. on Base Village, announced in Monday night’s Town Council meeting that they’ve signed a letter of intent with Westin Hotels.

If all goes according to plan, the luxurious hotel will be included in the second phase of the building of Base Village.

Snowmass Village Mayor T. Michael Manchester was excited about the possibility of having Westin included in the proposal and was pleased that it would be built in one of the earlier phases to help attract visitors.

“This will dramatically improve performance,” he said, referring to Westin’s role in the sustainability of the project.

“I wish more [of the public] would have stayed and heard the discussion,” Councilman Dick Virtue said. “[A Westin] will be very beneficial for people on the mall.”

Also, Michael O’Connor, Intrawest’s vice president of development, announced that 100 condos will be shaved off the original proposal, bringing the number down to 535.

“I’m comfortable and excited about the next results,” Manchester said. “The changes have all been beneficial, and the scale, although not small, is appropriate for what we’re trying to create ” it deserves density and scale because that’s what makes it successful.”

Skico Vice President David Perry was also pleased with the developments.

“Westin brings with it a high level of quality. It brings comfort to people who trust the Westin brand,” he said. “It will add stature and business to Snowmass.”

But Base Village, and Westin, will have to survive an initiative ordinance launched by Citizens for Responsible Growth last month that could change land-use codes in Snowmass Village and sink the project.

The Town Council is expected to put the initiative up for a public vote, which would have to be scheduled within 30-90 days. The council will make a decision in its next meeting, Jan. 19.

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