Intended fire drawn |

Intended fire drawn

My letter to the editor supporting Mick Ireland’s letter to the editor was intended to draw some fire, and I’d like to thank Marco Diaz for shooting back.

But in typical GOP fashion, it appears Mr. Diaz confuses differences of opinions with mean-spirited, personal attacks. Our dog, Valdez, has never “crapped in anyone’s yard,” and those who know this amazing malamute know him to be among the most well behaved dogs in the county.

But to equate illicit dog crapping with reckless driving depicts Marco Diaz’s priorities. I mean, has anyone ever been chased out of a crosswalk by a speeding piece of dog do?

I’m not making light of an important health issue; of course dog owners should control and pick up after their dogs, and maybe Marco is the phantom clean freak who has been pooper-scooping up after the thousands of coyotes in the valley ? or gees, maybe it’s Mother Nature.

Dogs do “chase bears” away, Marco. It is why the Karelian Bear Dog program has been so effective in places like Yellowstone Park. But I was just using the Starwood leash-law quip as an example of how uptight this town has become over the little things.

Some big dollar part-timer can build a basketball court on public land, but we scream at the Intrawest people for having a muted neon sign inside an office trying to create some much-needed excitement for Snowmass.

Although, you are right about one thing. Restrictive zoning does raise housing prices in the valley. If we remove those restrictions there will be literally thousands of very affordable homes to choose from, big and small, up and down the mountains, and all along Highway 82.

Trouble is, nobody’s going to want to live in them … Well, OK, Marco, maybe you would want to live in them, with a big dog on a short chain and speed bump at the end of your driveway.

I love the sound of nail guns in the morning ? sounds like capitalism.

Patrick Hasburgh


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