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Mary Eshbaugh Hayes
Hosting the Cocktails, Buffet and Bacchanal party were, left to right, Marli Hinckley, Murray Gell-Mann and Dale Coudert. The party was at Murrays Victorian house. (MEH)

Many of the people who are members of the Aspen Institute have second homes in Aspen, and during the summer months they have many social get-togethers. All summer, party-givers had tents because it seemed to rain every afternoon and evening.Holding a party that they called “Cocktails, Buffet and Bacchanal” were Dale Coudert, Murray Gell-Mann and Marli Hinckley. They held the get-together in Murray’s blue Victorian home and under a tent in the spacious yard.Maja DuBrul is designing jewelry and was introduced at a gathering hosted by Ann and Bill Nitze and Christopher Walling at the Nitze home in the West End. The next week Christopher gave a show for Maja at his jewelry boutique on Hopkins Avenue. Maja is married to Nichola DuBrul, who is a grandson of Elizabeth and Walter Paepcke.

Visiting Nancy Tipton have been Wils Eymere Rogers and her husband, P.J. Rogers of Sedona, Ariz. Wils lived in Aspen many years with her late first husband, Jean Eymere, who was blind and founded BOLD, which was the precursor of Challenge Aspen. While here, Wils and P.J. attended The Aspen Times’ 125th anniversary party at the Aspen Historical Society, as well as the 50th anniversary party for Marian and Ralph Melville given by their children at the Mountain Chalet Lodge. Nancy and her late husband, Jack Tipton, began coming to Aspen in 1948 and have owned several properties through the years. Nancy is now selling her latest condo.Greg Abbott, who has a home in Aspen and spends summers here (the rest of the time in New York City), has a new novel titled “Sheer Pressure.” A meet the author reception was held for him at the Aspen Book Store in The Little Nell on Aug. 30, hosted by Lynda Palevsky, Martha Luttrell, Ellen Hunt and Eric Calderon. A squib about the book relates, “In this adrenaline packed romantic romp, two restless thirty-year-olds grapple with their illicit affair amid a social and business minefield in Upper East Side Manhattan.”

The Thrift Shop ladies held their summer picnic recently on the lawn of the Aspen Historical Society. Ernie (Ashley) and Bill Goodnough have sold their ranch on McLain Flats to neighbor Lenny (Boogie) Weinglass. Ernie and Bill have bought an Aspen Glen townhome, where they will spend summers, while still spending winters in Florida. Ernie is a well-known publisher. Through the years she started up Aspen Magazine, Vail Magazine, Beaver Creek Magazine, Glenwood Springs Magazine, Snowmass Magazine, Aspen Anytime, Snowmass Summertime, Sojourner and Journey West. Under contract, she started Snow Porfolio, Aspen Home, Vail Home and Bend Living. She did Aspen Home and Vail Home for Andy Modell, and they have just changed the name from Aspen Valley Resort Properties to Aspen Home (the first title was too much of a mouthful – no one could remember it). Ernie says that Bend Living, which she started for Olympic ski racer and former Aspenite Kiki Cutter, is doing fabulously and has gone from publishing four times a year to six times a year.Undercurrent … The end-of-season big exodus has begun.