Instead of teaching Spanish …

Dear Editor:If 60 percent of your student body are native Spanish speakers, I would question just how many illegal families are working and living in your area. In order to become a citizen of the United States legally, one must wait seven years and one must be fully lingual in English, which includes reading, writing and speaking our English language. Furthermore, Colorado is a voter-imposed English-only state. To report anonymously suspected illegal aliens employed in your area, go to this IRS download form, regards to making Carbondale Elementary a dual-language school (Aspen Times, Oct. 15) in a vain attempt to stop the district’s affluent students from going elsewhere, I have a comment. Your affluent students will leave, as I have done because I want equal (not more, just equal) time spent teaching my English speaking children in the classroom. I have found that each year more teachers are taken away from the middle- and upper-class students to allow for more teachers to accommodate students who for the most part have parents who do not live in America legally. The reality is, schools must allow these illegal alien students to enroll but by law, they can immediately turn them over to ICE. They are fairly easy to recognize from their school records. When the enrollment records say simply two parents names, no health history, for a birth place, some city in America is named only, no state, no address, and they have no birth certificate or Social Security number, that is a tip-off. Take a look at your schools sometime.So rather than sit in a room and listen to how your administrators are going to spend more of your tax money to teach your English speaking students Spanish, why don’t you all demand that your government do its job and stop illegal alien entry here? Demand that your schools turn suspected illegal families over to immigration authorities located right by you. And last but certainly not least, as I said, I pulled my two students from two strongly Spanish student body schools here, and the drive and cost is well worth no longer having all their school supplies stolen, no longer looking at gang SUR 13 writing in their schools and no longer having them bullied (in Spanish!) by these low-income, free- and reduced-lunch students – a real shame, as my family are what our district needs. I am a school district employee and I am paying taxes for these schools I will not use.Marty LichGypsum


WineInk: The 2023 vintage

“2023 predicted to be the Vintage of a Lifetime in Napa Valley,” proclaimed the headline this week in a press release sent out by the Napa Valley Vintners, the trade organization that represents the growers and producers in America’s most famed wine region. If there is anyone more optimistic than winemakers, it is the group that represents them.

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