Inspiration from Emzy |

Inspiration from Emzy

Dear Editor:Caviar & Showbiz was a wonderful experience for me, and the Oct. 17 interview in Aspen helped in my artistic endeavors. Emzy Veazy III, the producer, impressed me with a “production bible” of events that I was to follow, complete with the excerpts I was to read from my current novel, which has gone through a name change from Mandate Nation to Deception of Economy. Community cable TV has become much more sophisticated than when I volunteered my time, in Aspen, at GrassRoots TV 18 years ago. At that time, I supervised the video department for the Aspen Skiing Co. at Snowmass. My day job for the past 13 years has been a level-six position with the U.S.P.S. My responsibilities include handling the nightly receipts at the Aspen Post Office where people know me as J.R.There was a half-hour period before the taping when I received my briefing from Emzy. I was able to update my reading part, and the time was much appreciated. In the studio, there was an exuberant group of people in colorful costumes, which was a slight distraction. Corby, the station manager, asked me who these people were. I looked but couldn’t readily identify them. I remember that before the taping session started, Corby spoke abruptly to Emzy saying something like, “You will stop talking. You will listen to me. And you will do what I say.” It appeared that Emzy did not get the respect he deserves from the GrassRoots TV staff. I hope Emzy gets the air time he wanted.The interview explored the core of creative writing, and we discussed the importance of outside influences on literary work. Stories with a strong theme write themselves, as they say, by attracting ideas that resonate with it. Emzy helped in that endeavor with the invitation to the interview and the taping session. It was fun. His creative direction has been beneficial for the novel, which is shaping up as an intriguing economic thriller.Thank you again, everyone.John H. RistineEmma

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