Insensitive reporting |

Insensitive reporting

Dear Editor:I, too, was dismayed to see the coroner’s interview with regard to Sarah McLennan’s tragic death on the front page of The Aspen Times.The stated purpose proclaimed in the editorial on Feb. 4, sounds valid and even noble in print, “to tell the stories of the people who live here, both happy and sad.”The reality however, is that so many of the true stories are not told and need not be, unless researched on a fair and consistent basis. Either you print the facts of every death, which I personally believe is totally unnecessary, and explore each coroner’s report or you refrain from going there.Some I know very well in charge of these matters do not want the public to know what they do and how they do it in many a case. Some are protected at others’ expense.Why create a second tragedy for Sarah McLennan’s friends and family with such random, selective and insensitive reporting?Louisa DavidsonOld Snowmass

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