Inky fingertips |

Inky fingertips

Dear Editor:I went through the drive-up at Wells Fargo Bank today, cashing a check from a business who banks with Wells Fargo Bank. We do not bank with Wells Fargo, we bank with U.S. Bank. She asked me to show two forms of ID. One with a photo and another one with my name. I was fine with that but the next request was for my fingerprint. I said “excuse me” because I could not believe that she had just asked me for my fingerprint.The teller put a small disc in the drawer … which at Wells Fargo you have a unbuckle your seatbelt and hang out of your window to even reach …I then chose a finger to print for her. She left and came back with the cash. Interesting, don’t you think? Loads of illegals living/working here and I am a local having lived here for 27 years and I have to be fingerprinted by Wells Fargo Bank to cash a check …Candee StrasbourgerAspen

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