Injustices to Palestinians |

Injustices to Palestinians

Dear Editor:

I agree with Larry Rosenfield (“There is a solution,” letters to the editor, June 24) that settlements are not the cause of the Israel-Palestinian conflict, but I disagree that it is caused by the “abuse of Palestinian children by the Palestinian leadership” in educating them to hate Jews. It is about injustices to the Palestinians when, in 1948, Israel ethnically cleansed them to form the Jewish state of Israel. Today, Israel’s policies of discrimination and injustice in Israel are done to maintain a Jewish majority. Israel’s confiscation of Palestinian land in the West Bank for settlements, the Wall and Jewish only roads are part of Israel’s plan to keep most, if not all, of the West Bank.

Last year while talking with Israelis and Palestinians in Israel and the West Bank, I learned that they accept the existence of Israel and know it is not going away. What they want is an end to the daily injustices and some compensation for past injustices. The Right of Return of some 700,000 Palestinians forced by Israeli violence to flee to neighboring Arab countries in 1948 needs a just solution.

In the West Bank on Fridays, Palestinians peacefully demonstrate to end the building of the Separation Wall which separates many from their farmland, removal of obstacles to movement which prevents a viable economy, an end to Israel’s occupation, an end to the blockade of the Gaza strip, etc.

Members of my group and I attended peaceful demonstrations which are often met with violent attacks by Israeli Defense Force soldiers. I wonder why the U.S. media does not cover and express outrage at Israel’s repression of peaceful Palestinian protests as they have with the Iranian protests?

From talking to people in Jordan, Syria, Israel and the West Bank, it is obvious that the Israel/Palestine conflict is about injustices to the Palestinians.

Cathleen Krahe


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