Initiative will lead to tyranny

Speaking of Base Village, we seem to be pretty much split now into two camps, with neither listening to the other, neither trusting the other, neither believing the other. We ask each other about opinions, and we adopt whichever one seems to feel good. While we’re at it, we shun those who differ with us.

When we give common opinion power over reason, when being right is more important than the truth, we subject ourselves to what the founding fathers described as one of the greatest evils, the tyranny of democracy. Now we’re preparing to decide, through an initiative, whether this process, this “pure democracy” which has led us to the point of total dissension, irreconcilable differences, and the spreading of misconceptions and untruths, would be a good process to use to actually make decisions virtually all the time ” oh, yes ” that sounds like a good idea.

This is why the word democracy doesn’t even appear in our Constitution. This is why we pledge allegiance to the republic. This is why the guys who wrote the Constitution would roll over in their graves if they knew we were even considering abandoning representative government. Or maybe they would simply say, “We never really believed you’d have the wisdom to keep it.”

If we vote this upcoming initiative into law, we probably deserve what we will get ” in the words of Noah Webster, “the most tyrannical government on earth.”

Michael Adams

35-year resident