Initiative is not the answer |

Initiative is not the answer

The initiative is not a vote to approve, disapprove or reduce the size of Base Village or the Snowmass Center. It will have no impact on these projects, but it will restrict all future development such as revitalization of the Snowmass Mall and the surrounding properties, as well as construction of the Snowmass Chapel.

Reserve your final decision regarding Base Village and the Snowmass Center until such time as the Town Council completes its review of the respective development applications. If and when the Town Council approves these projects and the community then is not pleased with the final development plans, the voters currently have the right under Colorado law to call for a referendum vote among the village citizens to prevent the projects from being built.

The initiative will result in the wasteful and unnecessary use of taxpayer dollars without any commensurate benefit to the community, as well as continue to be a destructive and divisive element in our community, pitting neighbor against neighbor.

Vote “no” on Initiative Ordinance No. 2.

Mel D. Blumenthal

Snowmass Village