Initiative is a step back |

Initiative is a step back

Most people I talk with are very confused about how to vote on the upcoming Initiative #2 in Snowmass Village on March 16.

It is not a vote on Base Village (we can do that later). This is an issue that affects all properties in Snowmass and many existing condominium complexes. If this initiative passes, you, the voter, may be asked several times a year to vote on complicated zoning issues.

Most of us choose not to attend the hundreds of hours of (sorry, guys) boring Planning and Zoning and Town Council meetings, where details are discussed. If Initiative #2 passes, you will need to educate yourselves on the complicated issues.

I would bet most voters will be swayed by letters to this editor, many of which are so distorted in their facts that all future decisions may be nothing more than popularity contests.

No developer will ever want to come to Snowmass Village based on a popularity vote. Our continued downtrend in skier visits and subsequent sales tax collections are going to be felt more in the near future. Let’s not take a step backward by passing Initiative #2 and permanently guaranteeing mediocrity for Snowmass Village. Vote no on #2.

Greg Rulon

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