Inhumane deportation |

Inhumane deportation

Dear Editor:I urge all residents of our valley to protest and condemn in the strongest terms the ICE raid that was perpetrated yesterday, Sept. 12 throughout the Roaring Fork Valley to send illegal Latinos “back to sender.” It is outrageous , insane and INHUMANE to treat fellow human beings as so much unwanted mail! Yes, we do have to deal with the problems brought on by illegal immigration. But in a civilized society prizing itself on the Christian tradition of loving your neighbors and the dignity of each human being , you don’t go around and round up “illegals” as so many stray dogs.This type of police action calls back horror scenes from my early days in Nazi occupied Holland when military trucks would show up unannounced to drag unwanted human beings off to detention camps. Do I want to compare the current election-time witch hunt for illegal immigrants with the Nazi Razzias of WWII? No, no!But I do see this “Return to Sender” outrage as being in total conflict with the traditions and the principles on which this nation was founded!”Return to Sender” needs to be stopped; it is unworthy of America!Gerry VanderBeekGlenwood Springs

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