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Information flunkies

As part of a well-funded effort to defeat the November library initiative, the Citizens for One Library in Downtown Basalt have rallied around a campaign slogan of “Let’s get it right.” The steering committee for this group has published a guest opinion and three letters in local newspapers.

Jim Paussa states that the library plan would contribute to suburban sprawl, would surround the new library on four sides with asphalt, and would move a critical public facility out of old Basalt. In an editorial on Oct. 23, the Valley Journal points out that these claims are “patently false.”

Charlie Cole proposes to sell the current library building for “$400,000.” The lease on the building site forbids selling the building for commercial use.

Larry Yaw and Ted Guy write as if the Library District were limited to the Town of Basalt. Wake up guys. The Library District extends all the way from Blue Lake and Missouri Heights to Snowmass and the entire Frying Pan Valley.

Ted Guy, in a guest opinion in the Aspen Times Weekly, demonstrates complete ignorance of the existing interlibrary loan program (i.e., the courier service), talks repeatedly of a 30-year lease (35 years with a 20-year renewal option), states that the library mill levy has not decreased (1.38 in 1995, 0.92 in 2003), quotes a price of $360,000 for the Levinson property ($460,000 before soil replacement), and claims a cost of $288,000 for the Crawford lease (present value of the lease is approximately $150,000).

When you go to vote on Nov. 4, remember that the Citizens for One Library in downtown Basalt are urging “Let’s get it right.” Do you want these information flunkies to plan your new library? I don’t think so.

Peter Frey


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